Caribbean STEM Coaching Club

A joint venture project between CADSTI-UK, Future Think and BFUWI.

Raising STEM achievement levels of Caribbean students in the UK.

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Who We Are

STEM is critical to opening doors to well paid jobs in our fast changing, technologically advanced, 21st century world. That is why three Caribbean led organizations – The CADSTI-UK, Future Think and The BFUWI – have joined forces to provide FREE STEM coaching for students aged 11 to 15 of Caribbean heritage.

What We Do

We want our students to excel in exams, but our ambitions are far greater. We:
1. Encourage a deep understanding of STEM concepts to provide a strong foundation for advanced studies and careers in STEM.
2. Actively seek to ignite a passion for STEM, and build the emotional resilience, motivation and confidence needed to succeed.
3. Encourage students to be independent, collaborative, life long learners.

In light of the holistic nature of our programmes, and of safeguarding considerations, we work extensively with and through parents.

We are not a school or a tutoring service, and we do not follow a set curriculum. We strategically target and strengthen areas of weakness, including STEM concepts, study habits, revision strategies and exam techniques.

We draw on the expertise of STEM specialist teachers and a qualified and experienced parenting educator to inform, shape and deliver our coaching programmes. Our coaches are high achieving STEM professionals and university students who share their own professional and/or academic experiences with the students, and help them to master difficult concepts. At the same time, we believe that we are all on a learning journey together. Everyone has valuable insights and expertise, and we encourage all Club members – coaches, parents and students – to connect, share and solve problems together in our meet ups, on our Facebook page and otherwise.

We work in line with Data Protection and Safeguarding policies.

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