Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology & Innovation (UK)

The Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology & Innovation-UK (“CADSTI UK”) is a body of UK based professionals  who value the potential of  science, technology and engineering to equip Caribbean communities with the skills needed to succeed in future industries and business markets.

We are the UK branch of an  international body  of professionals  (“CADSTI”) with an interest in the social and economic development of the Caribbean region.  CADSTI actively seeks to harness the diverse, dispersed  and largely untapped talent of the Caribbean Diaspora  to catalyse Caribbean innovation and entrepreneurship through  a strategic focus on science, technology and engineering – see CADSTI.

CADSTI is led by the eminent MIT Professor Cardinal  Warde and is headquartered in Boston.

There are now CADSTI branches in Silicon Valley, New England,  US South East,  US  Mid Atlantic,  Canada  and the UK.

CADSTI works through the Caribbean Science Foundation which is headquartered  in Barbados  – see CSF

What we do


  • Provides resources to Caribbean communities to enhance scientific  and technological capabilities;
  • Helps to build a global network of Caribbean professionals who seek to harness the power of scientific minds;
  • Connects Caribbean people with educational, professional and business opportunities in science, technology and engineering;
  • Encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and technological solutions to social and economic problems faced by Caribbean communities.


How we do it


  • Bi-monthly meetings
  • Workshops
  • Social Media

Share opportunities

  • Online information sharing
  • Workshops with parents
  • Workshops with young people

Create opportunities

  • Technology competitions
  • Support and encourage participation in events
  • Capacity building
  • Support and encourage tangible socio-economic solutions
  • Send a Caribbean UK child to SPISE
  • Fundraising

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